"Capturing the moments of today, So we can re-live those special moments for tommorrow"

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Hello, Thank you for stopping by our website & taking time to know about us & how 
Pazcam digital studios came about.

We have always had an interest in photography & videography ever since we started dating (about 10 years ago).  Arvin works as a medical lab technician for about 10 years already and I work as a sales representative in an automotive/industrial company, for about 6 years. Despite these jobs, our happy medium & passion was always Art related. I have been freelancing in Bridal makeup ever since 2010 & started my blog and channel. With this, I learned more about cameras, lighting, basically everything that had to do with photography. Come 2015, Arvin then, had a growing interest in videography and started shooting with one of the respectable videographers up to this day. Just over a year of many gigs & shoots, he then decided to pursue it & make his passion, a job. Thus, Pazcam Digital Studios was born. Shooting weddings, editing & re-living memorable moments come to life not only make our clients happy, but make us fulfilled knowing that our craft has a lasting impact on others.

It is our purpose and drive to give 110% service to all our clients, catering mostly to Weddings & commercial/advertisement.  It is truly an honour and privilege to be chosen to film your special event and entrusting it us. We value perseverance, hard work and uniqueness so much, which is why we put in  heart into everything we do. All videos are custom to your liking & style.

We hope you take time to see previous videos under the “Films” tab! Thank you for the visit.:)

-PazCam Team

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From Our experience, the best business partners teach you how to do business better. They come to the table with new business processes and proven strategies that can make you smarter and help grow business. They challenge you in unexpected ways — from how you work with vendors to how you organize your team –educating you each step of the process. Our company, S’well, may look small to outsiders, but on the inside we’re incredibly organized and have been able to put new practices in place as a result of working with our partners. It is amazing how you can evolve by working with great people, with the same passion and drive. 

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